Online Reports - Customer Information Management Solutions (CIMS)

Managing information related to your environmental services online is a top priority for you. That's why Veolia Environmental Services has created it's Customer Information Management Solutions (CIMS). CIMS will improve your ability to manage your environmental services data, remain in compliance with applicable regulations and lower your company's cost of doing business. In addition to creating new Waste Information Profiles (WIPs) and viewing existing WIPs, registered customers of Veolia Environmental Services can also request downloads of environmental information, request shipment activity data, management reports, shipment cost information, request Certificates of Tracking (COTs), and view invoices and manifest information. For a detailed explanation of each report, click on the report below:

Reporting Features

Online Profiles
Online Invoicing
Manifest Inquiry
Certificates of Tracking

Shipment Activity Database Download
Management Report
Date Downloads
Shipment Cost Report

Access to CIMS is available through an approved account. If you are a current customer, and want to be a CIMS client, click on this link to go directly to the new CIMS account registration form. CIMS access will be confirmed once your application has been reviewed and processed.

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