No other hazardous waste treatment can match the combination offered by high-temperature incineration: efficient destruction of hazardous organic compounds and the capability to deal with a wide variety of such wastes. The resulting incineration ash and other residue is stabilized and placed in permanent land disposal.

No one is better than Veolia Environmental Services in providing customers just like you with the most environmentally compliant, safe and cost-effective incineration services in our industry.

Excellent Safety Record

Experience Modification Rate

The experience Modification Rate (EMR) is a widely used indicator developed by the insurance industry. It is used to dertmine premiums for workers compensation insurance and is based on a company's past safety performance. Companies in similar types of businesses are compared to develop the rating.

An EMR of 1 indicates that the company's safety record is average for its industry; less than 1.0 demonstrates a safety record that is better than average.

2009 EMR for Veolia Environmental Services, Technical Solutions           0.81

2009 OSHA 300 Log Summary

Recordable Injury Case Rate

2009 NAICS Group Average                                                                             6.5

2009 Veolia Environmental Services, Technical Solutions                         2.88

Lost Time Injury Case Rate

2009 NAICS Group Average                                                                             2.50

2009 Veolia Environmental Services, Technical Solutions                         0.67

Committed to Environmental Compliance

The Veolia Environmental Services' incineration facilities lead the industry in MACT Compliance.

"When the choice is between compliance and making more money, we will always choose compliance." -Phillipe Martin, President and CEO Veolia Environmental Services Technical Solutions

With our incineration options, you get:

  • Assured destruction of the hazardous wastes you generate, at a cost-effective price
  • Access to our network of incineration facilities, strategically located across the U.S. and fully permitted to meet all applicable regulations and requirements
  • The security of complete cradle-to-grave service, from collection and transportation of your hazardous waste materials, through the final disposal of any ash or other residue in a secure land disposal facility
  • A full-range incineration system that includes both rotary kilns and fixed-hearth incineration technology, providing you with the utmost in flexibility to handle your most difficult hazardous wastes
  • The ability to handle bulk or drummed wastes, eliminating the expense of special containers or special packaging of your wastes
  • In many areas, access to the efficiencies and cost savings of rail transportation

All this and more ensures you of incineration services that can be custom-matched to the materials and specific needs you have, a level of specialized service that is unsurpassed in the waste industry.

Veolia ES Technical Solutions owns and operates four state-of-the-art incinerators located at two treatment complexes. To learn more about our two facilities' services visit the links below.

When you have questions regarding incineration of your hazardous wastes, call us at 888-262-4910. We have the answers you need.


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