Laboratory Chemical Services

Veolia ES Technical Solutions provides a full range of laboratory chemical services, distinguished by an unusually high level of service, with strict attention to detail. Our
experienced, trained professionals are dedicated to following procedures that provide accurate identification, proper packaging, transportation, and disposal to meet
regulatory guidelines for your laboratory chemicals. These procedures have been carefully developed to assure safety and compliance.

Customized Laboratory Chemical Services

Every laboratory houses a unique group of chemicals. Veolia’s experienced team follows procedures that include detailed, methodical identification and categorization
to assure proper packing and disposal of each chemical. All of our technicians have been trained and certified. Appropriate packaging methods are selected to maximize usable volume, decrease costs and enhance safety. All chemical waste is tracked through our industry leading computerized field system to document movement at every point of transportation and disposal.

We can also evaluate your laboratory practices to help develop programs that minimize the generation of laboratory chemical wastes at your site. Our methods
have become the industry standard for cutting edge technology and environmental suitability.

Among the services we offer are included:

  • Identification, analysis and chemical moving services
  • Handling and disposal of reactive chemicals
  • Removal of all quantities of chemical waste, including less-than-truckload amounts;
  • Utilization of packaging methods that meet all regulatory standards, maximize usable volume, decrease costs and enhance safety
  • Utilization of a customized computer tracking system that documents the movement of all chemical waste from your site to final disposal
  • Performance of environmental and technical audits of all disposal sites
  • We also can assist you in developing programs to minimize the generation of laboratory chemical wastes at your site. We take pride in offering the most complete, comprehensive, and environmentally suitable methods in the industry
  • Legal and proper management of controlled substances
  • Laboratory chemical services for healthcare facilities


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