Why Veolia ES Technical Solutions

Managing Hazardous and Nonhazardous Waste

When you manage multiple environmental responsibilities including hazardous waste and their associated liability, you must rely on the capabilities and expertise of your service provider. Veolia ES Technical Solutions stands alone in meeting the criteria you use to determine the most viable environmental service partner.

From on-site services and transportation to final treatment or disposal, Veolia assures regulatory compliance by channeling hazardous and non-hazardous waste and related information through its network of over 300 company-owned or certified service centers nationwide. These service centers include treatment, recovery and disposal facilities, sales offices and transportation locations.

Environmental Compliance

Veolia maintains an excellent record of compliance with environmental regulations. This record is ready for inspection at any time. A culture of compliance is a way of life at Veolia, where we manage hazardous and non-hazardous waste with the utmost care. We follow procedures meticulously with our on-site teams, and continue to focus on the details throughout transportation, treatment and disposal.  Our waste processing, storage and disposal locations are routinely audited and certified, and all disposal documentation is verified to assure compliance.

Financial Strength

Our parent is Veolia Environnement, a publicly owned company with 150 years of experience delivering environmental solutions. The Paris-based company is the international leader in providing environmental services for waste, water, energy and transportation. With over $48 billion in revenue, it is the largest environmental services company in the world.

Technical Expertise

Our account, project, and technical representatives understand hazardous and non-hazardous waste and the related regulatory requirements. Over 1,700 Veolia employees are ready to assist you in any way - from providing information about government regulations and answering technical questions regarding treatment alternatives, to training your employees and setting up disposal programs that save you time and money.

Excellent Health and Safety Record

Safety is critical in our business, and Veolia's safety record is strong.  Our OSHA log summary shows a recordable injury case rate that is less than half the average for the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), and a lost time injury case rate that is less than 10% of the NAICS average.  Similarly, our Experience Modification Rate, which is used by the insurance industry to determine premiums for workers compensation insurance and is based on past safety performance, is lower than 96% of our competitors.  The reason for our excellent record is, simply, training excellence.  Our field employees alone receive nearly twice as much training than is required by government regulations.

Innovation Through Research

Veolia has established the only research and development program in the world dedicated to environmental services, with laboratories in France, Australia, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States.  This program develops technical innovations for non-hazardous and hazardous waste processes, recovery and disposal, supporting Veolia's Commitment to environmental sustainability.  Locally, we use these innovative processes to improve our efficiencies in recycling electronic waste, metal scrap and organic solvents.  To ensure the most cost effective waste processing, we evaluate your waste streams to reduce overall waste volume and expense, while minimizing environmental impact.  We always look for ways to reuse, recycle and reduce waste, including using waste as a product.  Annually, Veolia transforms over 400 million pounds of waste into a resource through energy recovery, recycling and product substitution.  Over 60 million pounds of that waste was converted into usable products, rather than considered hazardous waste under RCRA.  Throughout all of our operations, we are pursuing waste treatment options to assure sustainability.

Complete Range of Services

Our parent, Veolia Environmental Services North America, and its affiliates provide industrial cleaning, solid waste management, waste to energy incineration, and hazardous and non-hazardous waste management - the full spectrum of environmental services.  With more than 200 sales, service, treatment and disposal facilities, Veolia Environmental Services has locations convenient to most industrial facilities throughout the U.S.

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